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Refrigerator Service/Repair

No matter what is malfunctioning we can get a replacement part  or repair done quickly.

The primary concern is loss of food that lead to spoilage and unfriendly bacteria. That is one of the reasons we put refrigerators first when it comes to service and repair although we usually complete other repairs, too 

         To schedule service, 425-264-3773                                                  425-499-6516 Same Day Service

1 Year Parts Warranty on all Makes and Models. Systems repairs are given a 5-Year Limited Warranty

 Your appliance brand may not appear below, be assured we have serviced every brand made.  Simply call with the model number and a brief description of the trouble. Go to "Find Model No. in the upper right hand sector above. That would help expedite things.

Repairs are 100% guaranteed!

8AM-7PM Every day 425-264-3773         Same Day Service 425-499-6516

5-Year Parts Warranty

on Sub Zero Repairs

 Same Day Refrigerator Service.

Talk to a technician,                                     Call: 425-260-4314