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We'll need the model number,  please click Find Model Numbers in the upper right hand section for instructions how and where to look, it's brand specific but if there's a problem call the technician number for help, that's what we're here for


425-499-6516 for technical issues .

There are several dishwasher brands not shown in those posted above, but there are actually too many brands to name, we service and repair any dishwasher manufactured, in that customers can be assured.

Contact us by 2PM for same day service @ 425-499-6516

     Dishwashers are nearly 100% repaired on first visit

Dishwashers are user friendly and have fewer problems than all but Dryers. What we  strive to do is have the needed part on board. We don't want to make 2 trips  which is why we will ask some key questions to best determine what's needed. ,