1. Open Door

                       2. Upper left corner of the frame the door closes against on a metal of decal about 1.5 inches by 4 inches

                       3. On a Bosch, the model number is on the right edge of the door and starts, usually, with an S.

                       4. Sometimes the model number will be on the inner right frame.


                      1. Much like the dishwasher, the model number is usually in the upper left corner of the frame, not the door.

                      2. Sometimes it is on the right side of the frame.

Ranges & Ovens:

                      1. On a range, it can be varied. Look on the inner front frame on either side. It will appear vertically.

                      2. If it has a drawer at the bottom, pull the drawer out and look on the frame the drawer seats against, left or right side.

                      3. Still into the range, it may be on the front top frame in a horizontal position. If not found refer to the owners' manual.

                      4. On the Oven, double or single, open the door and look in the vertical side of the frame, left or right, not on the door.

                      5. On a Viking, pull the left grill from top burners, remove pan around burners, the model no. on the left inside wall 


                      1. Inside the refrigerator compartment, on the right wall or on the ceiling (rare), a 1 by 3 decal with the model number

                      2. On a Sub-Zero, open the freezer door, on the inside frame near the top, the model number.

                      3. On older models, GE's, Amana's, etc., the model number may be behind the kick plate on the left side.

                      4. On top freezer refrigerators, the model number may be inside the refrigerator on either left or right wall

                      5. If none of the above are found, refer to the service manual and call for help if needed, that's what we're here for.


                     1. Under the top lid the model number will appear, especially on Whirlpools

                     2. On front load washers, the model number will be in the upper left corner of the frame.

                     3. If none of the above have the model number, it can be on the top of the place where the controls are, on the left side.

                        If the model number can't be found, it might have been removed , call us. We're here to help all day if needed                 

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